Viditi Patrawala

Wednesday, 05 Dec 18

All about Soy Protein

Soy: More than Just a Protein

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Thursday, 06 Dec, 05:26 PM

Thank you for such detailed post on Soy protein. I love adding tofu pieces in my gravy. They taste yumm and take care of my protein intake.

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Sbreya patrawala

Friday, 07 Dec, 12:59 PM

That was really helpful!

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prisha lalwani

Saturday, 08 Dec, 12:12 AM

Protein is quite an essential macro for our body. Its really alarming how we ignore it.

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Prisha Lalwani

Saturday, 08 Dec, 12:14 AM

I have used dupont supplements and they are really very effective. Thanks for sharing.

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Akanksha Goel

Saturday, 08 Dec, 03:20 PM

Great post! I do love soy beans and luckily everyone in the family enjoys protein items like eggs , chicken, lentils and soy beans. This would be a great read for those who are not aware of importance of soy protein in their diet.

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Priyal poddar

Saturday, 08 Dec, 03:57 PM

It's good to know about soy protein in full details. Thanks for sharing with us

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Silja Pillai Nair

Saturday, 08 Dec, 04:52 PM

Thanks for giving such a wonderful information about Soy protein. You help me to get many more information about soy protein. thanks once again

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Shaily Tandon

Saturday, 08 Dec, 06:44 PM

Soy protein is really a great alternative to dairy products. I am absolutely agree to the fact that it is the future

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Saturday, 08 Dec, 09:27 PM

Soy protein is the most important complete plant protein and I have been using in our diet as soy flour, soy nuggets and tofu.

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Papri Ganguly

Saturday, 08 Dec, 10:59 PM

Very insightful post. Protein is one of the essential component for human body. Soy is a great source of vegetarian protein indeed

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